Big Gay Roadtrip version 1.1

Hello folks! 

Big Gay Roadtrip has been updated to Version 1.1! The new version includes updated text and two text-only versions of the game - one with a layout that includes structured headings (docx) and one with a layout that is purely plain text. I have also raised the price to better reflect what I feel the game is worth - this may seem like a significant increase from $2 to $5 but I was being very conservative with my initial pricing. It also remains true that most people willingly paid over the $2 for it regardless, which spurred me to make this decision.

1.1 Changelog:

  • Text updated in Scene 7 to suggest that players should feel more flexible in how they play out that scene/those scenes
  • Text spacing on Page 5 slightly altered to accomodate the updated text
  • Text Only docx and Text Only txt files added
  • Minimum price changed from $2 to $5

If you have any questions or find any issues with this game please let me know either here or on twitter. 

Lastly, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to people who have taken the time to write comments on the page, or reach out to me privately about the game. I cannot state how much it means to get such positive feedback and it really does mean the world. Thank you!

Rose Artemis


Jul 25, 2021
Big Gay Roadtrip - Text Only (Formatted).docx 9 kB
Jul 25, 2021
Big Gay Roadtrip - Text Only (Plain Text).txt 5 kB
Jul 25, 2021

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